Spreading love

As a business we focus on giving back to our employees. We make sure they earn fair wages and have good conditions of work. In result we are able to improve daily our logistic limitations and deliver beautiful products that last long.
Nicaragua is a very poor country and we are aware of that. It’s just in front of us. If you walk around Leon you will come across with straight kids taking drugs and begin for money. Not just that, the problem goes further in education and health.

To be honest we are blessed to have a beautiful business successfully running so this year we decided to start helping people that really need.

Marcos (GSUP owner) met Keny this year. She is 14 years old and her 1 year old daughter. We first started helping her with a little bit of money without knowing who she was. She was just sitting on the pavement once or twice a week holding her daughter begging for money. One day, she came to Marcos and asked for a job. He noticed that they were both sick and he started a conversation with her to know she was. That was when she told him her story.

Her story is dramatic and contains domestic violence, drugs and abuse in the family, but she still has a beautiful heart and smiles all the time. She said all she wanted was a job to help her family.
That was heartbreaking! A 14 year old kid holding her daughter on the street asking for a job. That was when he decided to get to know her better and figure out a way to help them and improve their current situation.
We will visit her house soon and figure out ways to rebuild it once she told us the walls of her house is made out of plastic. Yes, I said plastic!

The second step will happen next year. We will get the papers of the property transferred to the family  through a lawyer.

3rd step will happen after getting the papers done. We will build proper walls and a proper floor

In the mean time we are helping them with a little bit but we know that much more is needed. There’s 11 people living in this house and 8 are kids under 16 years of age.

To be honest this is just the beginning and we are trying to figure things out. Xmas is coming so we will give them some gifts and food for them to have a beautiful time together…. Remember this is just the beginning!

If you want to help us in this project called “Spreading love” send us a message!

Just imagine the day they enter their new house and they see proper walls, the tiles on the floor, proper mattresses to sleep on and it goes on and on….

Marcos Pereira
Get Up Stand Up Surf

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