Get Up Stand Up Surf (GSUP) was founded in León, Nicaragua, in 2012 by Brazilian surfer and nomad Marcos Pereira.  Towards the end of a 3 month trip surfing the countries best waves, Marcos was given the opportunity to start his own surf school in Poneloya. With a nothing-to-lose attitude and only 400 dollars to his name, Marcos invested 100 dollars to buy the school’s very first surfboard.  Get Up Stand Up Surf was born.

The name is inspired by Bob Marley’s classic song, which resonates with the brands positive outlook and surf culture. The first shirt Marcos ever designed was his uniform, to wear while giving surf lessons on the beach.  However, after visiting a local factory to have his uniform made, Marcos was told he had to print a minimum of 20 shirts.

Marcos kept just a few shirts for himself and sold the others within a week. As they say, the rest is history.  The first GSUP surf shop was opened just 1 year later in the heart of León, one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities of Nicaragua.  Soon after opening, GSUP received invitations to sell apparel in local hostels and boutiques, and continued to expand.

Always wanting to improve design and quality, Marcos moved the key elements of production to where he could monitor them himself.  He created the in-house GSUP factory with only 2 employees; himself, and 1 tailor. Ever since, all GSUP apparel is made 100% in-house, with a dynamic team of artists.

Today, GSUP apparel can be found across Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. We are proof that if you believe in your dreams and work hard to achieve them, anything is possible.